Predictive Programming at its best: Im März 2019 (!!!) hat ein Teilnehmer der Show "Projekt Runway" namens Kovid Kapoor (kein Witz) trug ein Outfit mit Maske:

In this video, the judge says “I looove Kovid’s look”. It’s almost as if she was talking about the facemask look of the COVID pandemic.
She then asks the model to put the mask back on. When one judge asks “What do you think of this mask?”, another judge answers “It’s sick”. I realize that it’s an expression, but the choice of words remains stupefying. That same judge also says “Can you breathe in there?”.
One year later, a virus named COVID caused governments across the world to force people to wear facemasks. Also, in a weasely and underhanded matter, several un-elected “officials” have been hinting at the fact that mask mandates might remain effective after the pandemic. Since then, countless fashion designers created outfits with matching masks.